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Recurring Dream 10/20/2014

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Appreciate your teeth.
I lose mine twice a week in my sleep.
Instinctual, like birds migrating south
They clamber, bloodied, out of my mouth
Their enamel feet leaving tracks in the street.
Gumming on food I long to eat,
I’m unable to stop their retreat.
Appreciate your teeth.


Yahrzeit 03/23/2015

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Melissa’s wish made me cry Ghibli tears.
Quivering drops for Sol, like pomegranate seeds sown,
Droplets dotting the dirt. Stackings stones on Gladys’ grave,
I cave; I light the candle every year on this day.
I wonder where Sol’s soul sprouts,
Contemplate placing a stone.
This candle stands in for him,
So I’m never alone. I’m carrying him on
With everyone I’ve ever known.



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“when were sonnets sloppy?”
I don’t get much traffic from search engines, but when I do, I’m always mystified at the terms that bring people here.
When were sonnets sloppy, indeed?


probability 03/12/2015

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To thine own self I have been cruel
I’ve pined for you like a smarmy fool
Now I seek solace as usual in sonnets
Stung by the solitary bee in my bonnet

Endogamy, exogamy
Assumes the goal’s monogamy
You tell me you’re old school
But I was never ones for rules,

I’ve seen the table, the charts and data
I’m aware the odds aren’t in my favor
Sure, statistically it’s unrealistic,
But you and I are no statistic.

Uncommon, yes, but certainly not rare,
Yet quite unique considered as a pair.


Almost Triolet 02/22/2015

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I know exactly what kind of old man you’ll be.
But can you imagine an elderly me?
You’ll take slices of lemon in your tea,
You know exactly what kind of old man you’ll be:
An old grump still projecting your problems on Bri.
What awaits us in the realm of possibility?
I know exactly what kind of old man you’ll be.
But can you see elderly you with elderly me?


Overextended 12/02/2014

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Lavender, sandalwood, patchouli,
Musky like over-steeped mint tea
Scent recalls a fragrant memory
Of a rescuer to my rescuee.

Unable to reciprocate my devotion,
His distance spawned a supernova of emotion
A beautiful mess, a stunning implosion,
So please pardon my corrosion.

My whole world folded in like origami,
But y’know, it’s funny:
That’s role reversal. c’est la vie.


Cosmia 11/20/2014

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I thought you were me, once.
Drawn to unmistakable radiance
Like a moth unafraid to fly
Into the light it loves, lest it die:
Such a sun was my fiery fate.

In retrospect, I should have realized
I’m the only me.


hello? 11/15/2014

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Hey everyone, thanks for following my blog. If you’ve enjoyed my poetry, I’d love to hear a little about what it is that interests you about it. I’ve been posting my writing here for over five years, and I have never gotten too much traffic up until the past year or so when I started tagging my poems. I’ve always just assumed people don’t care about poetry, so I’ve never promoted this blog at all. But I gain a few followers each time I post and tag a poem now, and I’m curious as to what drew you here.

I’d appreciate any feedback you have to offer, and again, thanks for reading.



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