crumbled and rolled

daemons wrestling 10/27/2009

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it’s a feeling only comparable
with a kitten cuddled, commalike,
curled in the crook of your torso

when you wake up, not minding a flea,
it’s a feeling only relative
to the womb of your bed-tomb
in the starry early morning

when you take cream in your coffee,
it’s a feeling something similar
is the comfortable curtain
of your carefully scrunched curls,
framing your argument
so it favors me, beaming

as the contagiousness
of generosity catches on.


maybe i’m not so good at this blog thing: a manifesto. 10/25/2009

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ok, you got me!

i’m a militant feminist trying to subvert as many men as possible against the patriarchy!

i’m a succubus who feeds on the souls of 17 year old boys!

i’m trying to lure you into a dark alley and neuter you!

or maybe i’m just a person… a highly observant to the point of being harriet the spy awkward and fumbling yet sometimes entertaining, kind of cute especially when (easily) flustered, silly, dramatic, impulsive, immature, person who gives off this intense vibe of friendly and awkward. i’m just trying to sing and i’m trying to do my own thing, bro! and not to take you down a notch or pretend i’m not ‘the ugly one!’ with a crush on every boy fucking crazy hungry for your COCK oh sorry did i interrupt your masturbation? i only wanted to get to know as many people as i can,

so i can steal a little bit of each of them, for it enriches the liver and the constitution and it engenders the artistic prequel to revolution, and i’m only flashy with the plumage and dramatic with the talk-

but no really- i’m an optimist- the more people i meet the more i’m impressed and that’s why i think we all deserve some of each other’s time and sorry that often i have a tendency to rhyme- it’s automatic these days.

and it lends me a cadence which heightens the ridiculous. and what else is there to entertain us in this town?


more adoring!

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it’s raining, it’s pouring,
celebrities are boring.
Miss America fell down
and broke her crown
and couldn’t get up in the morning.

it’s raining, it’s pouring,
real people are worth adoring.
it’s not worth the greed
of hoarding your weed
so be good to them i’m imploring

it’s raining, it’s pouring,
there’s nothing to lose from exploring
how to end race and gender,
all laws & legal tender,
to beget all that limitless adoring.


the youth 10/21/2009

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how bad influences are born:
cultured rednecks in midwest EST
standard of blues and relative hues
fear of insects buzzing in bed clothes

country gruff waltz made of maj7s
resolving so familiar of 2001, lonely,

i wonder if rebecca remembers
returning from lunch alternating steps
on that purple and yellow lego plastic-
aftermath of a fire in the oldest middle school in ohio-

no, none of these are love poems,
just proof i am a harmonic series,
bugle calls, a wooden trumpet.
no more songs, just minimized skills,
juvenile flirtation- want to rent a room
(thanks to the silver jews)
in her dorm room where the incense perfumed,
there i picked up some secrets, i could share them with you.

that is, if you’ve got the brains,
to feel what intensity entertains.



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rhymes from nineties indie rock
sparsely chorded make nice backdrop
for overachievers, make poor wage choices
but have fun doing it two ways,

blushing, breaks full of voice,
vibrating columns of air-
at least those i control.


advice 10/14/2009

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gurrrrl, never arm wrassle with a man
their egos will bruise
even if you lose
the moment you grasp their hand.


ships in the night. 10/13/2009

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one simply can’t wrap a brain around it
its distance between comprehension and phonics
gargantuan mishaps of plate tectonics
rival the orgasm in its qualities sonic
of the elusive scale’s impossible tonic

it’s funny how vibrations make everything.
it’s funny how science consecrates consequence,
it’s funny how hard we argue,

since haha we all mean that.