crumbled and rolled

“The mattress globbered.” 07/24/2011

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How many times in four years
have you flipped the flabby futon
In a futile attempt to extract
the fallow fat from your lower back?

Says he’s smothered by your hips
yet he wallows in them,
having absorbed much marsh
waiting for your eventual mothering.
He flollops,
flinging up bits of swamp.

Still fattened,
often I wake sweaty,
dreaming of Squornshellous Zeta
on a mattress I’m sure is named Zem.


HM03 surf 07/03/2011

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Added the bags under his eyes
as an afterthought
to flesh out his character.
After all, artists are tormented,
the type prone to eating sweets
and crouching up on the balls of one’s feet

Unable to adjust to the retrofitted font,
one falters at the digital precipice

the Info-Ocean’s interface, the wet woodwork rot,
barnacled and battered
by sea-spray and the smell of the Sound.