crumbled and rolled

and i wanted to sing jens lekman 10/30/2011

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Three hundred plus strong in the street
a wall of humans- evident fractions-
the lopsided proportion righting itself.
Oh, and us, with our terrible timing,
accidentally in the lead,
bullhorns behind blasting our eardrums
the band marching to our left, & bike-cops flanking.

Learning has two stages- watching and imitation.
Deja vu, my manager says. I dreamed you here before
in my plural mind we’re magnified fifty-five times
Octopedal, tentacles straddling the world. Bulbs burst

soul fractions captured in light. Couldn’t chant- later
we examined the footage, fast-forwarded and freeze-framed
There you were, with your wavy hair and clear blue glare
in the center of the foreground with your hawk eyed stare.



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when are we gonna to strike it rich
when are we gonna write indie pop hits
just take one more hit
one more hit, one more hit
then we’ll get around to it
when are we going to write crazy hits
when are we going to strike it rich
once we get less ripped
once we get less ripped
til then, one more hit
then we’ll get around to it
gotta wait for inspiration to strike
the ring of truth, that golden sound we like
strike it rich,
get real ripped,
write indie pop hits