crumbled and rolled

song draft 08/27/2012

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You were right, you said don’t hold your breath.
The alternative was a No Surprises death.
Seems our planet’s future is looking awful bleak
It’s hard to get out of bed, it’s hard even to speak

Somehow I’m slowly but surely I’m coming back to my senses
building up my broken down defenses
My lips drink water but my heart drinks wine,
C#m Ab A Bmaj7 E
You can buy my time, but my mind is mine.

You can chain my ankles for my wrist’s too fine
For every mile the feet go the heart goes nine.


reddit delenda est 08/23/2012

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Drink up, my pretty,
forget and be absolved
with this ablution,
liquid sopor solution,

Patented health tonic
and beauty aide.
It’s made with novocaine
for the soul and a dash of eye of Newt.

It’s a potent home-brew,
fomenting hatred for the other,
anonymous sad-sacks one upping each other,
is this the miracle of modernity manifested?

Reddit fiddles a ditty in its virtual home-
The spurned burn as the flames reach Rome.


Life support 08/05/2012

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Belly-dancing silhouette
diaphanous siren, deadly aurora,
sinister tinkling melody that saps us,

What else is left
but to upcycle junk into culture?

These portents dystopian,
ever more ominous,
silenced by the silver pacifier,
successfully numb those suckled
on sex and candy.

To those who suspend disbelief,
I implore- spit it out.