crumbled and rolled

the whole world looks on and smiles 08/27/2009

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ooh, and i know you loathe
the sine curve of my words,
though they pass by you now
like the breeze through the birds,

feel the nozzle tilt toward you, to titrate-
wax on, vanity. all lit up, with mirrors,
decorated a vase full of narcissus,

as always haha projectiling
and it hangs a sharp right-
how i hate the banging.


sixth sex sonnet?? 08/25/2009

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so a billy goat brays unctuous,
bearded, he is scheming,
for festive feasting sumptuous
sampling all there is of evening,

he dips into the stash,
he rode in on a sunflare.
horny, young, & trashed,
on thunder in the under, where

he was so easily susceptive
to a cotton-tongued vituperate.
maple honey-coat invective
of a failure to communicate,

how the juveniles are sexed
renders new adults vexed.


and that is how i wrote and directed the first all-female stoner movie. 08/24/2009

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the first scene opens with her announcing to a man whose genitals were actually attached, “you know,” ducking into the back by the stove to make sure no late shoppers overheard, “i kind of want to become a slut.” before the gasp “it’s okay for me to say that, i’m a woman,” making sure to include the comma- just right- abrasive but always resorting to stereotypes and knob-slobbering for cheap laughs. with her screenplay completed, all she needed was an editor and she could send it off to LA, starring seth rogen, judd apatow and whatever other dudebrah funnyboy jerk-offs she could dredge up. to the suit: “okay, you can make these pathetic edits, but take my name off the script.” she walked with a cool mil and fuck the industry, starting a farm with a rule: no dicks allowed unless they detach.


oh, sniveling news

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the new york times
says urban hippies on the rise
gentrifying lifestyles is on the horizon
& guess what, the human definitions
of the twenty first century
are mandated affluence

and ask me not
but i flossed my teeth
with my stitches for a refill
of my prescription to please them


coffee shop context 08/20/2009

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inside looking out
on where big D works out his cancer
under the neon, small town hipster
posse will welcome
our local joker,
nationally renowned toker
taking chocolate milk
with her caffeine cysts

cigarettes and smartcars
buffalo burgers, organic,
grass-fed picket fenced
world-class rents

this is where i’ve
pitched my tent.


farewell to a teenager 08/15/2009

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on the fifteenth
the earth shifts
in such a way

and i was born on this day
two decades ago today


bran-new love song 08/10/2009

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hope you saved those letters
still wanna get toasted
and listen to the pillows

two decades can’t erase
those little busters

maybe now you’ll like
pink floyd
all men do, see,
when they’re like you,

four years later,
barely legal.