crumbled and rolled

err, ahh, umm 09/25/2013

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Chap book glued together with chapstick
Tripped a trap, a sarcastic slapstick
A poetic pie in the face palm
Words written all over her glances

Struggling to read them,
Squinting through double-vision
A tousled tease in contrast to downy DNA
Syllables unable to capture what I’d say

If a sonnet is any sort of accomplishment
If I had synesthesia, if I was an actual genius
If there wasn’t this separation between us,
A strange frisson, a déjà vu- have we met yet?

In a dream of a molecule, potent and wide,
vast as the chasm of your possible mind.



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Sore from straining to recall a self,
Reading words hoarded on the shelf
Applied as salve to the amnesiac,
Reborn in the snake year Zodiac

Symbols squirreled away, sequestered
Carefully stored, the better to remember
Scattered fragments of bygone Septembers
Immortalized in memories destined to fester

Forest fires form new growth
As ideation is subject to sublimation
There is a universal oath
Regret then forget beget creation

Thoughts outlive hulls vulnerable and vernal,
Our metonyms and memes alone eternal.


Triolet 2 09/13/2013

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My brain again repeats your name
The way a broken record skips.
Obsession was my claim to fame,
Again, my brain repeats your name,
A lilting, solemn, soft refrain,
A song that slips across my lips,
My brain again repeats your name-
The way a broken record skips.


Amnesiac Makes a Recovery 09/12/2013

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Desperately researching the past,
Sifting through a stack of symbols
Passing out pamphlets,
Calling cards that cry out to be divined,

Every look ripe with imagery,
Even her bangs resemble a breeze
And grammar is of no concern. I turn

Ready to burn, inflamed with decades
Of unreleased rain, steam,
Torrents seeded to no avail
A zephyr assailing the sails,
Balloon on the verge of bursting,
Hot air to rise, hope to float,

A mirror fogged by bated breath
Obscures the inevitable descent.


I feel accomplished today/I wrote myself a triolet.

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Crumbs can always be divided,
Atoms are uncut only in name.
More will always be provided,
Crumbs can always be divided,
To track the trails that coincided
Both infinitely varied and self-same.
Crumbs can always be divided
Atoms are uncut only in name.

Repeating myself never felt so good!


Turret Sonnet 09/10/2013

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Camera-less security, eyeless socket,
Made light of Tripwire’s proving ground
a mechanical maven, potato-bound,
Confined to a mute girl’s pocket,

Plugged in to our own devices-
Those irresistible, scintillant vices
Manipulated by our own desires
With even desire itself for hire,

Creatively constrained
Yet sufficiently entertained
Like mice confined
In our maze-like minds

In the end our souls from bodily homes were evicted,
So it ends face-down in ice, as Frost predicted.