crumbled and rolled

the forbidden garden 06/06/2010

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face pilled like old clothing, her
eye a camel through the needle,
machine washed and tumbled dry
humbled by a herculean try
foiled by a well-timed wheedle

world-class whinger, that boozy binger
that pill-filled ex-ginger.
her boy-toy, the functional one-
the one that kissed me once-
in the field on his birthday,
detached so as not
to burn up, withered in the limelight,
lilted by direct sun- he was no marigold
he was a bleeding heart- too bloody to behold.


again the torturous mermaid with rounded face
swoops in to steal the whale shark from the vampire squid
dramatic and flushed, rattled by the rush.
batting her lashes like she’s making expert passes.
not fair her tresses so robust,
her A-game is a must
no gymnopedie could prevent such a fall from grace
a foolish child might fry the egg on her own face.


phantom hat, frothy subterfuge brew,
how on earth could i refuse you?
twice as nice and ten times as wrong
as when you watched me sing along

firm and young my embouchure
entices not one conquerer
my name is the ultimate laugh
to believe any of it i’d be daft

to write you any hymns,
to sing some homonyms,
a sonnet to compose
you know i’d never propose,

but when you look,
delusion grows, &
i know you know.