crumbled and rolled

69 love poems part 3 02/19/2010

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i molded him in miniature
a lily of clumsy clay

in my naive oven,
fired behind my eye-

do you think me so pretentious?
or do you find me quite contentious?
i can’t see why you would not consent
it’s not because i told you to go get bent,

not even when i shook your hand with my dick
maybe my face just makes you want to be sick.

one day or another, it will dawn on you, dear,
that the thing you dread, you will soon volunteer
to share with the world: that you really are queer.

he really is delightful
a cartoon come to life
but is he at all insightful?
does he only want one wife?

would he look on the side
would he fancy another
would he share a little morsel
with a secondary, a tertiary lover?

would those lovers love another?
could it really be a blunder?

could love really be unlimited?
if you’d only let me try
if it wasn’t done in couples
could it multiply in bundles?

oh, sorry, not to threaten
the sanctity of your sacred sex,
not too frequent, standard issue
marital rations, every sperm special.
in jest she named herself an irish twin
and it took a second to dawn on me,

there is a spectrum, fractious,
a continuum from coey to callous,
with all kinds of intersections.

ode to my bed: freshly laundered
so spacious, so sensational,
vast and empty
as the softest reaches of Deep Space.



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i decorate my life with hand-drawn ornaments
in watercolor marker, laminated and taped
to the many screens that surround me,

if i must devote my life to watching,
let my surroundings be made beauteous
a shining sight to behold, a marvel of
the cheeky nimbleness of my fingers’
multiplicitous manufactured artifacts, a commentary
on consent and the transformation of quotidian ague-

let it be a novella scribbled on napkins
stored in knapsacks stashed in attics
and thumbed through every month
as a reminder, a sort of ritual scraping
of the residue- smoke what once composed you.


fructose 02/12/2010

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she ate a heath bar in memoriam the day heath ledger OD’d,
quoth her friend “the camera adds a thousand pounds”
limboing shimmy-shimmy tummy control
a fleshy island on a comforter off-white striped sea
casting out cartoons in bottles, lemony
ice lollies invisible ink dripping off Stick Stickly
write to me P O box 963 nyc, new york State, 10108
ate eight thousand times before
the shore’s such a bore…


valentine’s sonnet 2 02/09/2010

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Dark and willowy, a frowning will-o-wisp
Raccoon-like, swarthed in a hipster mist,
Of mascara and smugness and gloom
A gravity pocket of sex appeal and doom

How could someone so frail absorb it all?
The weightiness of arrogance’s siren call
Her lightness is being too unbearable to resist
Simpering out of her dour model’s mouth, a lisp

Endearing to her unwitting prey
Seizing the ones that get away
I’ll never understand what they see in her
The magical boozy quality I can’t quite infer

Just the lack of a smile, the malevolant gleam
Of the heroin chic browbeat hipster queen

Tongue firmly in cheek! This one came out darker than intended


valentines sonnet 1

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Glissando, a glistening gilded gnossiene
recalls an evening romp thru Helen’s Glen,
On a limelit cliff, some plaid-clad detective
Clambers to somewhere dewy and introspective

To dwell upon a doleful sarabande
Its timing sparse and desolate- so stunned
By a pompous Sun, the sparrow’s dapper bright
invasive scorching rays of violent light

Persistent as those elevator-weathered tunes
In the glass elevator I once took up to the moon
When I would get lost in that limpid liquid blue
of the Earth- an elusive marble impossible to view

From my vantage point over 52,000 light years away,
Where I’d dreamed once you’d came for a brief stay.