crumbled and rolled

scrap from 2012 04/29/2016

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Could a sound signify a place,
a sense of saudade, sweet as a sigh
on some other’s collarbone,
a nook in which she’ll never again nestle?

Briefly, where solace was sought from
the sun-soaked glen,
shale shelter where tongues tussled,

a return to find the oak home hollow,
hale, unoccupied by
fate, kisses or wisdom.


cyanescence 02/21/2016

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sweet like cedar tea,
dulcet tones and hemlock cones,
skulls fuzzy with lichen.
I’d liken it to the stump unfocused
a thalamus distracted
a sense of self retracted
into dilated time.

we held hands
in a fortress of softness
on an ocean of moments
carried off by currents
swelling, strengthened,
running deep with love.


forest grove 01/23/2016

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Eucalyptus gift
A little rift, mended

Cedar sweet tea,
Hemlock cones and stones
asleep in a forest grove.
Wave to the Giant Sequoia with a
Fallen flower skewered on a limb.
Stephanie says,
Visualize ancient glacial sculptors
ice floes forming fjords, slicing slopes
into the site of someday’s Seattle.


This is just to say 09/02/2015

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I have eaten
the Drumsticks
that were in
the freezer

and which
you were probably
for a future

Forgive me
They were delicious
so cold
and so stoned.


Summer of 2000 07/13/2015

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A velvet beach dream in pastel:
Rainbow water slides and calypso music,
Inner tubes and tidal pools,
Screen doors, smoothies and
Soft, soft sand.


homer disappearing.gif 07/12/2015

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So long, and thanks for all the fruit.


There There 06/24/2015

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Is it crude to impersonate the deceased, in good faith?
Or does it keep them fresh past their expiration date?
A ghost of an old woman’s emphatic, “Hello?”
Answering her cordless phone in the dining room
For no reason, on this random Wednesday enters my head.
The ghosts in our heads transcend the dead.