crumbled and rolled

out the door 12/29/2009

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i’m the dark side of the moon,
i’m the eclipse in any color you like.
i’m what comes out the other side
of the prism, and it isn’t pretty.

what does the bible say to do to those
who brandish a fake phallus at a philistine?

oh, just fyi: when they stone me to death,
please write an awesome epithet for my epitaph,

one that will lodge tiny spines of itself in their grey area
serving as warning to those who breed

that i want to be remembered,
like the bitter pucker
of the singularity i could have been-
a sucker for grapefruit.


sweetheart cookie 12/28/2009

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lovers hog all the loving.
no rest, none left, by the time the weary’ve travelled
the many paths before they sleep, snowed-in,
no caked-in sugar baked well in hungry ovens
blissfully naive of all the sweetness taken

molten, out of the mouths of babes.
what wrath can the spurned enact?
there’s no legislative logical path
besides passing the peace pipe
or admitting you’re fucked up, in spades.
so suck it up. there’s no civil action taken

upon being awakened
to the baked goods from which
you’re forbidden from partaking-
both scammer and conned,
smoking and non.
i say bring out the leeches.
let me bleed out the sweetless.


clambering 12/27/2009

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visage of the violet
ice, crystalline, a sentient hole
in the frigid infrastructure

the sleeping supermeme
to repose, recalling glowing
playhouse scenes:
the gothic venture cliffside
of a cartoonish dark regime.


bitters, sour mash 12/20/2009

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i can’t wait until she
casts aside the neurotic discarded
carcass so we all can learn the hard way
the horrors of heteromonogamy.

maybe that night i won’t have to
eat a whole bag of swedish fish,
listen to the smiths,
shriveled from lack of trysts,
write satirical poems in lists.

when i get my turn at dismantling
marital bliss, revolutionary rivers
will run gelatinous & red with abundance,

the proliferation of queers,
the modern loaves and fishes mythos.



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gormless: that’s me,
pan-fried sunny side up, perplexed,
buzzy as eating coffee coffee buzzbuzz
b&j’s straight out of the carton, a whole pint
smudgy as fudge-swirled harmony
caressing my spinster tastebuds,

perpetuating so many stereotypes
you could swot one doing its
mating dance on the sticky icky giggle twig

it never fails to fail
to arouse Herr Doctor- no way!
why won’t we take one either way?
it’s not for lack of a tiny waist-
it’s a radical’s deference- gormless.


wish you were here 12/18/2009

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rasputina, o, syrupy string!
muffins on mountain-topped
snow caps so cryptic!
sixty percent cool, crisp,
calculated, cynic,
so icily analytic!,
& such a fucking critic.
not hippo, hypo,
the other aggro’d-
a charismaless
protest to kissing,
with intellect,
opposes interest.


celibate and soaking wet

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vow of celibacy
unlike morrissey’s
is involuntarily


no one likes a narcissist
that watches the kitten paw
bat, thump
at the couch-leg,

waits for it to tire
of the tunes of aged
furniture music whose

hardly harmonious
bookish and goofy
and sour tendency

to balk at glow-worms,
bat sex, courting foul,
courtly love, baby,
is such a turnoff.