crumbled and rolled

bitchin in the kitchen 10/16/2010

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for all intents and purposes i’m SOS
sauciness on the side, extra innuendo.
foil it, that’s a wrap. dodge the rain of boiling oil.
fire indeed hot! a flash in the pan, well-lubricated blade
irresistible to the endless entendre brigade

my poker face can not tell a lie:

he dug me out of the sand, led to the clams
by flotsam, emotional baggage churned ashore
by the inevitable tide of self-doubt

the thirsty should take caution not to drink brine.
though it looks appealing, it defreshes,
and though the starved will arm themselves
with nibbles stolen from plates
of those whose dates are in the bathroom,

the truth stands naked in your kitchen.
the fridge light illuminates it: hey! look! listen!


err, ahh, nevermind. 10/07/2010

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curled, a comma under the cover
thumbing through the abundance of pages,
it renders me tender:
helps me remember
the sound of the rescinding of september
heliotrope, it turns tangerine,
scarlet to deep aubergine,
toward a sundae of horizon ice cream

neatly she filed them, in felt envelopes
with a felt tip pen on cardstock
corralling each tiny shudder, one in another,
folded boxes, nesting papercraft,
Mandelbrot in the bird’s nest in the bobbin.

forbid me to sigh if you must: but dare
not forbid me to be cryptic. i’m the curtain
in your courtly chamber, translucent
and satin- waiting to be embroidered
by your hand, sewn lovingly, guilt’s tapestry.

my silence is the sentence. in that two minutes
where i lingered too long in looking for the excuse
flimsy rationale, far too loose and diffuse
too obtuse to scale- quite the tale.