crumbled and rolled

more adoring! 10/25/2009

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it’s raining, it’s pouring,
celebrities are boring.
Miss America fell down
and broke her crown
and couldn’t get up in the morning.

it’s raining, it’s pouring,
real people are worth adoring.
it’s not worth the greed
of hoarding your weed
so be good to them i’m imploring

it’s raining, it’s pouring,
there’s nothing to lose from exploring
how to end race and gender,
all laws & legal tender,
to beget all that limitless adoring.


a song 06/05/2009

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Cmaj7 F (hammer G on high E)
now all the blossoms have fallen and
the pollen pollutes the air
work is over and i walk alone
the fireflies follow me home.

Dm G F Am
the cats i’ll stop to meet
the people that i’ll greet
the friends who offer me relief
from the hours spent standing at work on concrete.