crumbled and rolled

tech-no-logical ro-mance! 03/31/2010

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why have those doctor dreams
a split second from deletion
meaner than some kid’s taser
joke pikachuuuu! wrong end of the laser
set phasers to stunned. i’m staring.
i’m stupid and overbearing. update yr status
and let the world know. take quizzes. you hate vapidity,
show your originality in the face-space
it’s the virtual commonspace. it’s littered with ad trash waste
there’s no bench, no walk home
to contemplate the useless allusions
or literary trope shaped contusions
that the future’s perusing some Pavement-laced bruises
iced by a late april, hallelujah,
a grapefruit weight in your pocket, a pound of fruit.
there’s only text, pictures of faces, and a tic
every time someone emotes. (straight to your phone.)

useless allusion:


can you court? 03/28/2010

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even science fails to elucidate the reason
i eat eggs though they are unpalatable
on a bed of riced potato mash with greek
yogurt, scrambled, sauteed broccoli fragments,
and when they ask my secret- when i’m an
eight-year old next to rachael ray, i’ll say-
i can make a single red bell pepper last seven days
the secret is to chop the tiniest piece possible,

like a mouse- i’ll have to fend the cats off with a stick- or a serrated knife,
don’t invite men (not after 8pm) or breakfast will never be the same again.


that scene in shrek where the bird explodes: 03/22/2010

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“Oh… I’m fine,” she chirruped, a sweat-drop popping
out of her anime brow, her mop-top mopping
up her exaggerated face, the fecundity of her pep-talk
when the peat absorbs the liquid cloud

and your t-shirt starts to feel too big just take it off
keep no-one around for said purpose and it’s okay
if you won’t- perhaps your non-selection is premature

Perhaps all this waiting was for naught and you should
have just settled on not being finicky for once, oh well,
just burst Broadway-style into a bar of Some Other Time.


vernal equinox 03/20/2010

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I bet she loved pavement. I bet she laid down on it she loved it
so much, sleeping through the flurry of plum blossom petals. My new friend,
she shares the wild kindness, shine out and on, silver ones, watching
hacky sack instead of a screen, where the final report settles its rapport…


pencil case

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he dubbed me another in a series
of “feminist girls in yellow springs”
mixing medias three at a time, or five
when i bit off a chip off the old block,
two fans at a time, Admirers, like the king
of a miniscule rosy asteroid-

here’s that crayon you started to wind,
melted of course and fetishized
deformed into an animated sequence in my mind
as opaque as my multicolored coloring-book shapes

i should be busy being fed decadent grapes
instead i’m coloring in abstract shapes.


oooooooh snap! 03/19/2010

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To be absolved of anonymous sin, invisible filth,
would you pay a processing fee? Five hundred dollar.
For free though you could melt into the seamless weave
turn sideways and you’ll become three-D
it’s simple, love- delirious weeks lack endings,
this act’s transparent (and hungry), daintily demure.

I realize I’m in possession of a highly feminizing
rapport- a strongly energized retort- a mouthful
of borrowed theories, and a thousand repetitive queries

Vaulted upon the hopeless masses
of snakeless (read: native) Saint Patricks
All green, if you know what I mean-

Danced before on that wooden floor
that’s what friends are for.
It’s a dance done before on this particular floor
and besides, Mom says I got the right
pretty little wiggle in them hips

I realize I’m teasing it out with a cloying meow
let their seeds spill on the ground, for now

Force a rhyme to kill the time: update?
No update. Grind your heel in the gravel,
wipe the crease from your brow, & fast forward
to eight years from now: pick up that string,
next comes the can- I know you want to hang out
with my cat again.

yeah, she just went there!


standardized 03/13/2010

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deference in difference
an anecdote refuses intravenous
intention not contentious
a salacious infusion of legging
and lace misleading the race
hypnotic in chiaroscuro
scurrilous, surreptitiously ironic
the quixotic is hardly erotic
& naivete non-negotiable,
never once breached-
not with a needle, no wager,
not even a ten-foot pole.