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Yahrzeit 03/23/2015

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Melissa’s wish made me cry Ghibli tears.
Quivering drops for Sol,
pomegranate seeds sown,
Droplets dotting the dirt.
Stackings stones on Gladys’ grave, I cave;
I light the candle every year on this day.
I wonder where Sol’s soul sprouts,
Contemplate placing a stone.
This candle stands in for him,
So I’m never alone. I’m carrying him on
With everyone I’ve ever known.



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“when were sonnets sloppy?”
I don’t get much traffic from search engines, but when I do, I’m always mystified at the terms that bring people here.
When were sonnets sloppy, indeed?


probability 03/12/2015

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To thine own self I have been cruel
I’ve pined for you like a smarmy fool
Now I seek solace as usual in sonnets
Stung by the solitary bee in my bonnet

Endogamy, exogamy
Assumes the goal’s monogamy
You tell me you’re old school
But I was never ones for rules,

I’ve seen the table, the charts and data
I’m aware the odds aren’t in my favor
Sure, statistically it’s unrealistic,
But you and I are no statistic.

Uncommon, yes, but certainly not rare,
Yet quite unique considered as a pair.