crumbled and rolled

cisgendered 09/30/2009

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it is said there’s an invisible knapsack
and they dare me to unpack it

and to start where it hurts
or feels uncomfortable, so sorry my

mind turned to your curt email,
sealed your fate as black sheep
took a fantasy too far- so judged-
world sucks life’s trudged up
to ignorance again,

it’s the radical that gets me, gender
queers, the bawdy binary outlaws-

but my part time uniform
is full slave labor maid ensemble.
so cisgendered, can’t help but
cling to the straps, aching back
loathing the personality split.


cross eyed

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might be described as obamaesque,
puffing up his ego chest,
how news watching races the pulse it raises
his baby blues and blushing faces.

i bet the snow’s impressive
on the darkened backward mountains
listen to his tambourine
it takes you back a trip,
or two, doesn’t it?
the soapy memories slip
off elusive fingertips

of a ringed moon, reaching, poached
in iced toddy fog on the golf course of tomorrow,

to ridicule him, before i’d learn respect:
for a youngish man proved quite the test.


moon jump 09/20/2009

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had a dream some insider’s
parent warned me obama was a fraud,

and have i seen any alex jones films
heard about how he’s new PTA parent
of bilderberg group, brings the orange slices

and the sacks of sticky grapefruit
making my song about the president

who fronts me twenty bags
seem so absurd.
what if he overheard?

i’m no guy debord.
pineapple preferred.


excuse me as i pontificate:

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but this quote is definitely worth me breaking my vow of poetry.

prepare for some grim statistics.

“However hard it is for any of us to accept, most rapes are perpetrated by men. Much of how rape is treated and enabled is about male behavior and what men do and don’t do. Let’s face facts: around one out of every three to four women or girls has been or will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Based on sound data from diverse sources, around 90% of all rapes are those where the victims are female, identify as female and/or are identified by the rapist as female. Even if you don’t know it, you probably have at least one woman in your life you know and care a lot about — your mother, a grandmother or aunt, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, a mentor – who has been or will be raped in her lifetime.”


am i gonna be on tv? 09/19/2009

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the youth know all the words
to the mgmt songs and they
must sing along cause to them kids

is the sound of driving late in cars,
time to pretend, they can relate-
one generation too late
to engage in debate with fate

so fuck it all they love themselves
but does the satire elude them?


this this then that that 09/17/2009

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she already did it and she did it better
and they did it a bunch,now they’re together forever
and you’ll get carpal tunnel and grow old and alone
grow grey before you ever find anyone to bone.

the message went through loud and clear
nobody could fix the rejection and fear
of the pleasure that anticipates pain
gathering stormclouds lament their own rain

though the wheat that it grows in the summer is reaped
by men who can stand to stay up on their feet
in the fields all day prospecting, but i can’t touch one
for the fear that he carries a weapon- no gun,

just a silly toy, really, as frail as a kitten
but see if it doesn’t go get me all smitten.


copy rite infringement

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why be modest?
it’s so dishonest

to shine your shoes
with those microphone blues
yes beck you can sue

but i’ve got the same
last name as you do,

& i download yr music too
so we’s family, boo!

    words written, by accident, on a scrap of paper at work

They say variety is the spice of life
If you agree you may decide
It’s doubly true regarding vice
And so to you I could confide

That it could be a lot of fun,
So edible, to try many bites,
to taste a few instead of one,
to try several flavors of delight-

But don’t ask them their motivations.
Why look that gift horse in the mouth?
Enough cliches- no more complications
You know where she sleeps, when you figure it out,

Just knock on the window- and ask every time
Where I come from, we ask before crossing that line.