crumbled and rolled

Affliction 01/19/2014

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Prosody, like photosynthesis,
is subject to certain conditions.

The poet must be steeped in solitude,
Resinous with longing.

Still stricken with the same affliction,
Obsession the driver of my condition
Generating neurotransmitters addictive
Cyclical bliss, rejection then catharsis,
Allowing poems to come to fruition
Words to form a coalition

A composition that conspired
To betray my innards.


Jimmy 01/05/2014

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Throwing Osage oranges,
Creeks crossed, years gone
Koi caught from neighbor’s pond
Carbon monoxide kept you
From reminiscing, twelve years on.

Southern Ohio drawl, sparkling baby blues,
Your scary Grandpa’s guns, a horoscope on TV
What in you surrendered to me
From innocence to puberty?
That was then. Now I’d prefer no men
But now and again I remember when
I wrote that first fateful note,
The one you took as a joke:
“Don’t be afraid if you like me.”