crumbled and rolled

dual sonnet 2 10/06/2013

Filed under: sloppy sonnet,sonnet — paperslightertext @ 11:33 pm

You like me despite my star sign, Leo
My tendency toward displays of inflated ego
Despite my resemblance to Michael Cera
Or my penchant for smiling at you from afar

Insinuated tidbits, a series of little hints,
Subtle signals unique as fingerprints.
All the while, a swift and silent tension
Built upon until upended by confession

Resulting in an expression of reciprocation
Followed up with an addendum of hesitation
“I think I have a crush on you too, maybe,
But I can’t do anything about it.” Lady,

If you decide that something must be done
I’m open to whatever you think is fun.


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