crumbled and rolled

err, ahh, umm 09/25/2013

Filed under: sonnet — paperslightertext @ 1:20 am

Chap book glued together with chapstick
Tripped a trap, a sarcastic slapstick
A poetic pie in the face palm
Words written all over her glances

Struggling to read them,
Squinting through double-vision
A tousled tease in contrast to downy DNA
Syllables unable to capture what I’d say

If a sonnet is any sort of accomplishment
If I had synesthesia, if I was an actual genius
If there wasn’t this separation between us,
A strange frisson, a déjà vu- have we met yet?

In a dream of a molecule, potent and wide,
vast as the chasm of your possible mind.


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