crumbled and rolled


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I miss listening to Pavement with you and the way you laughed: a little slow to react, and much too enthused. I miss that you’d request certain songs of mine, like the one I wrote about waiting for a vibrator in the mail.

you can’t think too hard about it
obsess about it and you start to dissect it
don’t resurrect it it’s best to neglect it
forget you’re hungry and go back to the kitchen
just quit your bitchin
wear that dress make a mess

pray for a plume of volcanic ash
wait for the thunderstorms to pass
if the oil spill don’t kick our collective ass
we’ll land flat out on the dying grass.

i’m a whirlwind of self preservation
i’m an open book
i require no interpretation
no second look
neurotic and tender
confused about gender


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  1. Devin J Says:

    I love this!!

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