crumbled and rolled

Miasma 07/26/2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — paperslightertext @ 12:18 am

There is reason to believe
in the proverbial light
at the end of the tunnel

crawl down the funnel
reach for the honey,
the old gold and rainbow
carrot-on-a-stick shtick.

Tread lightly, these colors don’t run.
The real deal’s here. It’s phony gelt
It melts in your hand, not in your mouth

Look twice. The spectrum’s sewn inside
your cloak of stars,
that atomized silver lining

Atomsk’s disciple on the natural bridge,
theories confirmed, self-sacrifice cigarettes burned,
that’s me, I am Mamimi. A microcosm of adolescent crises,
a millenial on the verge of beautiful overflow,
swimming in data.


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