crumbled and rolled

Go team Bux 07/20/2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — paperslightertext @ 5:37 pm

This is a new class of warfare altogether.
We bond in the trenches, make silent jokes of gestures,
or turn against: enemies behind our own counter.
Some, equally stalwart, planted or sliding,
endure the onslaught and level up to expediter tanks,
Their righteous humorous social media volleys
a dozen tiny David’s 2cents: 140 word pin-pricks in Goliath’s side.
(I hope they haunt Howard as he cries himself to sleep.)
A few, emerging unharmed, save for steam wand scars on their arms,
caked in syrup, reeking of moldy caramel, ears ringing with rebuke,
make a run for it,
& survive the onslaught to become embittered veterans
diagnosis? Post Traumatic Starbucks Disorder.


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