crumbled and rolled

and i wanted to sing jens lekman 10/30/2011

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 1:03 pm

Three hundred plus strong in the street
a wall of humans- evident fractions-
the lopsided proportion righting itself.
Oh, and us, with our terrible timing,
accidentally in the lead,
bullhorns behind blasting our eardrums
the band marching to our left, & bike-cops flanking.

Learning has two stages- watching and imitation.
Deja vu, my manager says. I dreamed you here before
in my plural mind we’re magnified fifty-five times
Octopedal, tentacles straddling the world. Bulbs burst

soul fractions captured in light. Couldn’t chant- later
we examined the footage, fast-forwarded and freeze-framed
There you were, with your wavy hair and clear blue glare
in the center of the foreground with your hawk eyed stare.


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