crumbled and rolled

to one friend returning to another 08/07/2010

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 1:20 am

two girls rode on totoro, and i was mei:
a panther mountain a giant lion.
though i was her supplicant, of cats
Artemis sorely disapproved. she arched her arrow:

so like, why ears on fire in a cornfield?
don’t tell me how to tend my flames
or i’ll flare right up again! shoot,
even the soot-sprites carry fragments
avian bones, forked tongues, feathers,

& wasn’t i good? [shudder] such terrified eyes.
exit stage right. backtrack to the innocence game.
let’s play thistle-in-the-down. sneaky half-twin!
molten intuition, demi-gemini made magma,
marred a bruised dawn. could have sworn
i’d been clenching my jaw, but no- a maiden voyage.

elsewhere, butterflies and banjos chimed on.
a motif unfurled- ivy curled round his wrought iron words,
worn, so plebeian. on record, $10 words rarely occurred-
usually misheard, like Anne’s, faintly blurred:
a watercolor surely slurred. at best, tenuously obscured…


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