crumbled and rolled

heritage 04/30/2010

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 1:07 am

half-scandinavian, strong willed and stomached
wickedly efficient hands ending in arms that tan
stocky, brothy, frothy, highly flighty
high-function high-definition in focus and zoomed
in on the great microcosm, tender and swift
papercraft and underwear, string and cord and hemp rope
fried eggs, potatoes, toast, a burrito with no wrap
rice and nori, greek yogurt and dill, salmon and lox
macaroons and memories of is that borscht? our house,
its visitors, crouched on the cusp of that little creek
where we caught fishes in the summer, guppies and toads-
my tire was flat, imagine that. i was always afraid,
because of your grandpa- that was years, though, now,
tears and a mountain of shoes, amen.


One Response to “heritage”

  1. Ed Davis Says:

    I love big list poems–and roots poems–so I get a double-treat here. Lots of fun, good language. Would be fun to hear read live. 🙂

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