crumbled and rolled

sleep less? 04/25/2010

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I’m the apple of your mother’s eye:
Bashful, painfully demure, the dainty-skirt
Chanteuse. Whose bluesy sigh,
Whose paper-craft, inefficient flirt

Wields a bossa nova? Besides a samba, astride
the ancient floorboard, peaberries ground under heel
stain the wood world-weary. On Sundays I confide
Only belting Astrud’s Aguas de Marco makes me feel

My voice, my piecemeal act, might merit applause.
Hot faucet’s mislabeled cold, & mum’s the word
In which case I won’t underline the clause
that states when I withdraw, unearthing the bird,

Or de-boning the worm, or debunking the myth
That I want any more than an intellect-fueled tryst.


One Response to “sleep less?”

  1. Ed Davis Says:

    Lots of great music in this one–one of my favorite elements of poetry. Very nice voice, too–lotsa attitude.

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