crumbled and rolled

tech-no-logical ro-mance! 03/31/2010

Filed under: silliness — paperslightertext @ 9:32 pm

why have those doctor dreams
a split second from deletion
meaner than some kid’s taser
joke pikachuuuu! wrong end of the laser
set phasers to stunned. i’m staring.
i’m stupid and overbearing. update yr status
and let the world know. take quizzes. you hate vapidity,
show your originality in the face-space
it’s the virtual commonspace. it’s littered with ad trash waste
there’s no bench, no walk home
to contemplate the useless allusions
or literary trope shaped contusions
that the future’s perusing some Pavement-laced bruises
iced by a late april, hallelujah,
a grapefruit weight in your pocket, a pound of fruit.
there’s only text, pictures of faces, and a tic
every time someone emotes. (straight to your phone.)

useless allusion:


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