crumbled and rolled

the tricolor club 03/05/2010

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 11:32 pm

indentify with the friendlier shades
eschew the mundane faded-cool remakes
a sloppily manipulative text-based game
from the makers of total island drama
ghostwritten by the author(s) of speculative
fiction classic “euphemism for sci-fi”

figures that would be the lasting contribution,
of a local flatlander of the isolated eighties type
whose evil laugh is the high trill of a cartoonish dandy
foppishly trademarked by the mole on his cheekbone:
simply too sugarspun airy-fairy absurd to be of substance

does the legion comprehend the lack of apathy
that fuels their guttural MRA rising pepto-bile
one man in a bound bandage standing
twixt a firewall and that media trail
in the sky, on fire, a mile wide and spinning…


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