crumbled and rolled

valentine’s sonnet 2 02/09/2010

Filed under: readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 1:53 am

Dark and willowy, a frowning will-o-wisp
Raccoon-like, swarthed in a hipster mist,
Of mascara and smugness and gloom
A gravity pocket of sex appeal and doom

How could someone so frail absorb it all?
The weightiness of arrogance’s siren call
Her lightness is being too unbearable to resist
Simpering out of her dour model’s mouth, a lisp

Endearing to her unwitting prey
Seizing the ones that get away
I’ll never understand what they see in her
The magical boozy quality I can’t quite infer

Just the lack of a smile, the malevolant gleam
Of the heroin chic browbeat hipster queen

Tongue firmly in cheek! This one came out darker than intended


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