crumbled and rolled

valentines sonnet 1 02/09/2010

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 1:31 am

Glissando, a glistening gilded gnossiene
recalls an evening romp thru Helen’s Glen,
On a limelit cliff, some plaid-clad detective
Clambers to somewhere dewy and introspective

To dwell upon a doleful sarabande
Its timing sparse and desolate- so stunned
By a pompous Sun, the sparrow’s dapper bright
invasive scorching rays of violent light

Persistent as those elevator-weathered tunes
In the glass elevator I once took up to the moon
When I would get lost in that limpid liquid blue
of the Earth- an elusive marble impossible to view

From my vantage point over 52,000 light years away,
Where I’d dreamed once you’d came for a brief stay.


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