crumbled and rolled

69 love poems part 2 01/23/2010

Filed under: readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 3:06 am


froze: a pose
contained in such
stained glass, frigid,
rigid, but beaming.
my sewed on smile comes unstitched
i think you might have tripped the switch.


so elusive! four score
dozen bad eggs scatter
dribbling down hide and seek
the birth of ludicrous ideas,
the usual downfall of the meek.

it’s worth a blistering barrage
of self-loathing, o Object,
for a glistening glance
at your ivory on fire.

hooded in faux-fur
eyes downcast, demure,
drastic! fantastic!,
it shan’t be true,
like a well-oiled lie
of aplomb, bombastic.


hunched over and quibbling
with the grimy screen
aching and baking and thinking,
you’re hardly ever this green.


oh, so you’re too good to phone me?
only if you just want advice,
on whether to join some frat
to hammer the shy out of you.
i can’t even tell if you’re serious right now.


i painted out the box when
fever-dreams of the Doc
demand i sewed it to my shirt
they’re expecting it to work

yet you missed the
dimensions. gotta
squint to see them,
just don’t blink-


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