crumbled and rolled

69 love poems part 1 01/20/2010

Filed under: gender trouble,readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 10:11 pm

apocryphal prophecies
of the long one fore
tell of a coming blond
to contrast the darker,
for they often pair.
in tandem,
wishful thinking,
an imagined bond?
the teenage prophet forgets.

sew a button
on your lapel
if you’ve found
this bottled scrap
a declaration of what,
if out of the corner of
my eye you are,
flash a sequence.

i’m handsome,
you’re pretty.
held ransom-
such a pity.

cross-section of a blob:
contents include
disdain, jollity,
whismy, utter folly,
the words of surrogates.

can’t stop myself
hurriedly blue-boxing
fancifully possible-
plotting, forcefully

told me he was scared
of sex, i said sacred’s
overrated anyhow, isn’t it

a cow in calf,
more like a
clumsy pirouette.
a hippo in tutu,
a rhino in rhinestones,
an elephant unelegant.

i’ll never be a temptress
i’ll never be divine
i’ll never be drop-dead gorgeous
i just don’t have the time.
i’d starve myself if food didn’t taste so great
i’d shave if i gave a fuck.
but the truth is i don’t and i’ll never procreate
and i just don’t really give a fuck.


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