crumbled and rolled

oh, toxic titantioch 01/14/2010

Filed under: gender trouble,readable — paperslightertext @ 2:26 am

energetic ectoplasm leaks
out in marie curie waves
oozing from every sci-fi pore
disregarding dnd greg,

some doofy scapegoat,
a merciless toy godzilla
kicking at its carcass
cawing tiny squaws

effeminate man, or
genderqueer butch in the corner?
or corridor tormented by ghosts
of dance spaces once populated

where to write on the wall
would be like writing on space and time,
that’s how powerful a nothing it was,
steeped in headiness, a last jaded
hurrah, a t-shirt screen-printed to say,
eight grand in debt and all i got
was this lousy free hoodie.

set and setting aside
since i tore the inside up
and redecorated

all the simplistic love gone,
faded, competition
leaving me perpetually jaded

and cursing out the less fortunate
folk. the blindly yoked,
the yokel folk, the insulting joke,
the well-meant bloke…


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