crumbled and rolled

therapy 12/14/2009

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on the surface it may appear stable
gushing, blushing with joyous submission, but
beneath a herculean effort is launched
to keep the boat afloat on the stony moat

familiar taste of stuffy facial caverns
plugged with resinous misery reminds me

why the poet does compose, to soothe her woes
what does the poet propose? that you witness
her sorrow and excersize your empathetic muscle. for
any system that forces us to suffer, self-deprecate,
to trade the vast wealth of positivity for self pity,
to silently self-destruct and self medicate
is inhumane. for when we annihilate self and love all
facets of our unified conscious, that ray of light golden

brown, like toffee, like cream in steaming coffee,
nuanced, specral, propulsive,
the prophets will not stop themselves from
flavoring all with their spice of life delight.

thank you, pillows! you sound so soothing
cushioning me and my teenage self, still
visible in the recent history.


One Response to “therapy”

  1. Paul Squires Says:

    more more you are amazing

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