crumbled and rolled

comedy of errors (or, i’m sick of the goddamn dualities!) 12/11/2009

Filed under: gender trouble,silliness — paperslightertext @ 6:57 pm

it’s like every fag i touch
turns into a sneaky pete
inhaling the tar i’d exhaled

mnemonics bubbled
onto the harmonics
angelic fret board marred
by spray painters, anonymous

in boone caps sewed on
permanent scowls.
some vengeful spell
cast, numerating their
personal rainstorms,
draining their qi,
jealousy leech seeds.

their counterpart the artifice
of grace & glued on filthy feathers
was so rudely defaced to state:

i’m a bisexual man trapped
in a queer woman’s body
roll that around in your head
for a minute and have a good
laugh at the absurdity [sic].


2 Responses to “comedy of errors (or, i’m sick of the goddamn dualities!)”

  1. Paul Squires Says:

    You are an amazingly brilliant poet. Your poetry gives me great pleasure, it’s intelligence, originality, even when it is a dark subject there is a wit to it.

  2. Paul Squires Says:

    and the apostrophe belongs, it is intelligence, originality, thought, emotion, it is not just language.

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