crumbled and rolled

madness! 12/07/2009

Filed under: gender trouble,readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 2:53 pm

self-similar it repeats a meatless
heart-thrilling at the thrum of an asthmatic engine
a harbinger of collaboration, mnemonic for bygone
days of intoxication, forgone for a rigorous
meta-life worked, broke and unworked.

so young and so adult, so been here before
obvious as an eyeroll. my poor hand!
so jaded! so smooth and yet so faded.
playing only the roles of interloper and hater
jester, polemic, pundit, dandied!

fairy folk dissected constitute more than the sum
of their glittering illogical components
or the sum of their grand total time on earth moments

their workings dense
as innards of suns,
chasms filled with star ghasts,
nebulous, & far too vast…


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