crumbled and rolled

ode to a mote in a beam of incense smoke lit by the december sun through my window 12/05/2009

Filed under: readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 3:41 pm

life’s so psychedelic silly. srsly!
no, not posters of peace sign shaped
gaudy colored gnome & mushroom festivals
in hell- rather moments never end, it stretches
on and time becomes a crime, a climax. not again.
advantage lucy and i’m sixteen… again! again!
again with the spontaneous me!

i’ll keep cautious spilling out
surreptitiously expansive, so
secretly bombastic! that (only a few catch it)
my novel re-written on the face of the digital-scape,
refreshing my synergistic tiny life

which has a media trail on fire a mile wide, partially erased
by the evolving e-cosystem dataverse-
to borrow from karyn: “eternally migrating process cluster.”

are you experienced? not sans this:
feel you in everyone else, the way
enlightenment bends through compassion
effort refracted into perfect spectrums
ever and ever,


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