crumbled and rolled

contrary to popular belief, 11/20/2009

Filed under: gender trouble,readable — paperslightertext @ 2:00 am

a crown of curls, sheepish,
cotton may as well be thorn,
a glittering sheen of parabens,

which makes them stay in shape,
and bounce, and coil, and snake
around the contours of a rather sheepish face…

which hides an innocence so coy,
it’s never ceased to stave off any sheepish ploy.

i have a secret- this i must admit,
i want it rarely, for my sheep it has a love- my kitten.
(no matter how flea-bitten, i’m smitten.)
forgive me that entire soppy aside…
what the masses in me deride, i must uphold with pride.

this quote has been stuck in my mind lately. “the deep secret of innocence is that it is also anxiety.” kierkegaard.


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