crumbled and rolled

delusions of reference 11/08/2009

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 12:51 am

wiggling your tongue in a loose-tooth gap
bloodied like one oversized game of red rover,
red rover, send juliet over-
does the pope smoke dope?
yeah… i broke that velvet rope.
now announcing bells
on the doors and whistles
in the park, mother earth’s hot flashes
on the frosted surface of november
at once sexual and volcanic,
the magnification of manic
expressive nuances, my subtler unheard
delusions of reference: inaudible whispers of
“these could be yours-” it’s a stretch- here, catch!


2 Responses to “delusions of reference”

  1. Paul Squires Says:

    You are a sensational poet. It just intrigues and moves and spins.

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