crumbled and rolled

she: 11/01/2009

Filed under: gender trouble,readable — paperslightertext @ 12:41 am

fancy herself mysterious?
boy sees you so delirious,
ensuing squawking squabble
inevitable at sundown,
but heed not young rabble rousing
dissonance, mean spirited whistling:

karma smiles on the shepherd-jester
slightly older- whose bleating subjects see no fool.

who hankers for a healthy hearth-borne
hunk of hot bread? hold out your hand.
i’m coming around to pass out leaflets
and braided challah and my ancestry’s
family tree- scattering crumbs so they
can forge a trail. too sparsely, trees- it’s a steep
learning curve out of the valley of friendship
desire vessel’s flagship: when i sing my funny
valentine, emphasize the line: are you smart?

when you stare into the void of possibility,
it stares back. & was it not the silver jews who crooned:
“nothing could make me feel better
than a wet kiss on the mouth.”
promise: i’d take them places- but not too far south,
if a number proves too much of a challenge-
lost it, won’t replace it, you’d never have to embrace it
again- gets off on the sunset, pleased by the whimsy
of ice cream melting into the horizon afloat
shamed singstress, shameless, she exited stage left.


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