crumbled and rolled

the youth 10/21/2009

Filed under: gender trouble,readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 1:24 am

how bad influences are born:
cultured rednecks in midwest EST
standard of blues and relative hues
fear of insects buzzing in bed clothes

country gruff waltz made of maj7s
resolving so familiar of 2001, lonely,

i wonder if rebecca remembers
returning from lunch alternating steps
on that purple and yellow lego plastic-
aftermath of a fire in the oldest middle school in ohio-

no, none of these are love poems,
just proof i am a harmonic series,
bugle calls, a wooden trumpet.
no more songs, just minimized skills,
juvenile flirtation- want to rent a room
(thanks to the silver jews)
in her dorm room where the incense perfumed,
there i picked up some secrets, i could share them with you.

that is, if you’ve got the brains,
to feel what intensity entertains.


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