crumbled and rolled

nah, jus’ fuckn wit u, brah 10/11/2009

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eight am it comes on strong again
the waking nightmare of the eternal feminine
bra, kitchen, wage slavery’s bitchin’ liberation.
you mustn’t mistake narcissism
for friendliness, (a common misstep)
on behalf of the man-
i’m drafting a tentative proposal.
studies show douchebags are really to blame
for their role in inducing crippling shame
projecting their emptiness on the second sex
historical crux for the crutch of marketing: ice cream,
chocolate, hysteria,
and most foul- monogamy,
target women.

and the nice one:

you should be generous because you love them and they deserve it, and they need it, not because you expect anything in return. that is love, and it will make you happier than you could ever believe.


2 Responses to “nah, jus’ fuckn wit u, brah”

  1. Paul Squires Says:

    Your mind is an amazing place.

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