crumbled and rolled

this this then that that 09/17/2009

Filed under: readable,silliness — paperslightertext @ 2:52 am

she already did it and she did it better
and they did it a bunch,now they’re together forever
and you’ll get carpal tunnel and grow old and alone
grow grey before you ever find anyone to bone.

the message went through loud and clear
nobody could fix the rejection and fear
of the pleasure that anticipates pain
gathering stormclouds lament their own rain

though the wheat that it grows in the summer is reaped
by men who can stand to stay up on their feet
in the fields all day prospecting, but i can’t touch one
for the fear that he carries a weapon- no gun,

just a silly toy, really, as frail as a kitten
but see if it doesn’t go get me all smitten.


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