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ok, trying something different. 08/04/2009

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here it is. the first ever non-poetic autobiographical post. blame it on the resin… “black gold.” anyhow, there actually exists, in fact has been in existence since march, a rap that samples the lost woods theme, which is amazing. it is on an album called… get ready for it…

the ocarina of rhyme.

holy shit, it is magic. i am not gonna link to it, cause this is not that kind of blog, but everyone knows how to use google now. right? if you’re not using windows 2000, it’s probably even built into your browser.

yes, i just outed myself as a zelda nerd.


2 Responses to “ok, trying something different.”

  1. Paul Says:

    Nothing to be ashamed of in that. Your poetry is very cool.

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