crumbled and rolled

phallic produce, yonic flora 06/21/2009

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 2:36 am

the bananas that i’d bought
had, in turn, began to rot
and the squishiest of the lot turned black.

but you mustn’t blame the pot
see, it’s not that i forgot
it’s that the damned thing went bad before i got it home from Tom’s.

and it’s not like i can complain
when he’s got me on a chain
replace bananas with plaintains
and you’ve got yourself a deal.
in fact my friend i think it’s quite a steal,
just swear that you won’t squeal at my last meal.

2) “it’s a metaphor, stupid”

twenties scattered in a fan
forming throwbacks in the night
lightning flashing in the pan
frenzied hustle toward the light

of the newly spoken word
that my lips had yet to seek
a glistening magic, so absurd
upon one static downy cheek

heaves as softly as a ship
approaching coral reefs
on a stoned-in-moonlight trip
that you grip within your teeth

it bursts my bellflower balloon
and the scream is all maroon.


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