crumbled and rolled

lightning is frightening! 05/27/2009

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 6:26 pm

it’s a fucking waterpark outside,
a seaworld with lightning rods
highly charged and in my own backyard
rather the courtyard, in my defense,
i could not pluck that clover
not even under your umbrella, ella, ella, ella.

do i hear my name downstairs?
lucid, my mother berates me
for losing my paystubs, failing to
balance my checkbooks, and stealing
my receipts she chides me dreamily…
upon waking from a whiskey nap,
approaching, saving my drafts,
coiffing my booze,
receding with rumbles,
a meteorogical rain lion received me.


oh man did we put up windows?
it’s so quiet but for the books on tape
Not even one worry. Haha what you doin?
bilderberg meets in greece today
Lol yes silly silly me… and y u gotta harass me so much?!
Im not! ur so paranoid
Hey this is nuts
Trippin balls
Oh kay dear
Its wmom got new caterpilar fo b day
Yo go druuunk
you shooking drugs
Juliet. This is an emergency. Please call me back. I don’t have any friends.
Ha ha that is a mixture of corruption and beauty. I love it and condone it fully.

“somehow it seems unsatisfactory, cinco de mayo tequila sunrise. happy orange juice existence. you’llll know what i mean. burrs on my pajamas, yeah you’ll know what i mean. yeah. I;m adding some dope bling”


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