crumbled and rolled

villanelles are tiresome! perhaps finish later when grammar return! 05/17/2009

Filed under: edible — paperslightertext @ 9:59 pm

i vow to take complete yoga breaths
each day between absurdist verses,
so i don’t drop dead of excess stress.

ask permission of your chaperon
before you strip to dance
lest you down too much patron.

if slick nick asks you to get stoned,
before your hippie trance-
ask permission of your chaperon.

pretty city boys sport shining iPhones,
handheld bougie deviance
having downed too much Patron.

VILLANELLES ARE TIRESOME. pfffllt. (makes jackoff motion.) BLEUHHH.

bouncing having banged my crown
on the shelf where the timeclock lives
dancing having drank it down
nonsense rhymes all i can spurt
from the sparks ground metal tracks
a little warbling’ll do,
just please never ask me to rap.

question: shall i posit that
the neighbor lady shimmy
‘cross the way to my lonely
cold home to eat fanciful
green cheese biscuits?

answer: why, yes, i shall…


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