crumbled and rolled

to tango 05/06/2009

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 12:10 am

irrational rhyme
in errant notes

trademark green
traded for matter
in variable boxes
begs the question:

why practice with backflips
in sine curves of trigonometry?
bicycle rides, trashed golf cart trips
drunk in irrational geometry,

excuse me sir, can you take a paper hint?
i’m straight up staring at you.
fresh printed, straight from the psychotic mint,
pick up the damned clue:

texted language that stings
like lightning lashed from a whip
injured by a summer fling,
a half-joking precursor to strip

with satin i’ll pin
your feather to bed
the fangs in my grin
set to puncture your head.


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