crumbled and rolled

long underwear in april 04/06/2009

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 2:07 pm

as always the dream morphs into a french patisserie. visions
of michelle in tightly dyed curls on bleecker
searching for gelato lead quickly to dusty glass
case-tops filled with genetically modified
meat. is inescapable future of humanity!

i would give up this nasty habit of
putting you where my sleep should be,
see, it started in september when i tore
up your memory foam and sent you
outside, to repose in the dog-house.

when i came back from new york
and its lukewarm, coatless christmas
the doves had all flown the crate
(and all our inside jokes had gone away.)
should have had it galvanized,
galvanized, galvanized.


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