crumbled and rolled

suckling surrogate 04/04/2009

Filed under: readable — paperslightertext @ 3:16 am

if this isn’t insanity,
it’s a well-constructed parody
reality having
lit a short fuse

(oh, but i can’t stand
simply the thought of you)

quivering and cold
naked in the living room
daffy as sylvia plath

you, oiled words interwoven,
tonicked tongues tumbling, sleazing
on your genderfucked friend

i couldn’t stand another
part-timer in my stead
though i hold the powerless
title of unencompassed

consumer consumed
in digestion and jealousy
and bursting with words
my only salve.

man, me and kate says, cheese is our main source of calories. and we both got our problems. we can’t just give up dairy for lent. and kate, she clickety clacks on those keys with me cause we is the spurned and the lonesome… if you are reading, kate, you make the most magical music i’ve ever heard


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